Sky Performance is pleased to introduce its first throttle response module (TRM) product from Germany by Peregrine.   The Sky Performance TRM is an in-line "plug and play" accelerator module that remaps the Drive-by-Wire throttle curve to be much quicker than OEM stock programming. It removes the lag or delay that exists in the stock electronic mapping.  If you want instant acceleration for your naturally aspirated car or your turbo cars, the Sky Performance TRM will help bring back the joy of crisp, immediate and fast acceleration the moment you put your foot on the accelerator pedal.   Enjoy some of the images below that describes the Sky Performance TRM in short detail. The full PDF version of the Sky Performance TRM and the APPLICATION LIST are also available by request, free of charge with no obligation whatsoever. Due to the size of the APPLICATION LIST, we can only email it to you upon request.  Please reach out to us for more details. Contact information is in the 'About' section of our website.
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